UK team

Lucy Baker, SPRUDr Lucy Baker is a research fellow in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex and a visiting fellow at the Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. Lucy has been researching South African energy issues since 2009 and has written extensively on this topic. Lucy’s areas of research include: the political economy of energy; socio-technical transitions; and low carbon development in low & middle income countries. Prior to joining academia Lucy worked for ten years with environment, development and human rights NGOs. See Lucy’s full profile.

BouzarovskiProf Stefan Bouzarovski is Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester. Stefan’s professional activities are situated at the intersection of two broad thematic areas: energy and cities. Within these domains, he is best known for his path-breaking research on the driving forces and spatial patterns of domestic energy deprivation at the global scale. Some of this work has taken place under the auspices of the European Research Council-funded EVALUATE project that he currently leads. Stefan has also been exploring the relationship between household everyday practices and residential change in inner-city areas – the subject of his monograph on Retrofitting the City (IB Tauris, 2016). His urban energy work has informed the policies of the European Union, World Bank and International Energy Agency, as well as a number of advocacy groups and governmental bodies across the world. See Stefan’s full profile.

Federico Caprotti

Dr Federico Caprotti  is the project lead and he is based at the University of Exeter, where he works on the future city, and especially on eco-urbanism and the green economy, in an international comparative context. In 2018-20, he is a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute. His latest book, Eco-Cities and the Transition to Low Carbon Economies, was published by Palgrave in 2015. A geographer by training, he has lectured at the universities of Leicester, Oxford, University College London, Plymouth and King’s College London, and his research has been funded by the ESRC, NERC, the Royal Geographical Society, the British Academy, and the Nuffield Foundation. In 2015-18 he led an international research consortium, the SMART-ECO project, funded by the ESRC as well as by China’s NSFC, and by the national science funding agencies of the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Stephen EssexDr Stephen Essex is Associate Professor (Reader) in Human Geography at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science, Plymouth University. His teaching and research focuses on urban and rural planning, especially the infrastructural implications of the Olympic Games and post-war reconstruction planning. His main interests in this research project are to understand the role of municipality governance structures in facilitating pathways to low carbon urban energy configurations and the implications for urban growth, planning policy and infrastructural delivery. See Stephen’s full profile.

Saska Petrova, Manchester

Dr Saska Petrova is a Lecturer at the School of Environment, Education and Development and Director of the MSc in Environmental Governance at the University of Manchester. Her work focuses on how local people are rendered vulnerable and governable via different regimes of environmental governance and low-carbon urban transformation processes. Saska has published extensively on these issues, including a monograph on Communities in Transition (Ashgate, 2014) as well number of articles in leading scientific journals. She has been involved in several interdisciplinary research projects funded by the ESRC, EPRSC, Royal Geographical Society, Cheshire Lehmann Fund and Higher Education Academy. She also has an extensive professional background as a public advocate and consultant for a range of government institutions and think tanks. See Saska’s full profile.

Jon Phillips is a Research Associate for the project at the University of Exeter. His research has focused on the historical and contemporary development of energy production and provision in Africa. This has included a doctoral study on the spatial development of the oil and gas industry in Ghana, and previous research at the University of East Anglia on the governance of energy and climate change mitigation finance in South Africa. Through this project Jon is pleased to be engaging again with South African energy politics. See Jon’s full profile.

Dr Deborah Potts was a Reader in Human Geography (until 2017) at King’s College London. She works in the broad research fields of urbanization and migration in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly southern Africa. She is interested in both the macro and micro aspects of African urban economies. Her research interests include the impacts of globalization and liberalised trade on African livelihoods, and the links between urban incomes and welfare, informalized urban economies, and migration patterns. form a particular element of this work. See Debby’s full profile.