Consortium Partners

The Department of Geography at the University of Exeter hosts a range of interdisciplinary research projects on socio-environmental and other forms of transformation, including adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The Department was ranked 3rd in the UK for research power in the Times Higher Education research power rankings.


Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) promotes equitable, low carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination.

While SEA works with all three spheres of government, we focus particularly on local government as this is the seat of delivery, and where capacity shortages are greatest. Sustainable energy transitions require that municipalities take a more proactive role in energy management if the country is to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

Energy Research Centre

The Energy Research Centre (ERC) is an African-based multi-disciplinary research centre which pursues excellence in technology, policy and sustainable development research, education and capacity building programmes at a local and international level.

The organisation’s core activity is energy. Under the umbrella of this first line activity, the organisation is involved in the following major undertakings:

  • Research
  • Education and capacity building
  • Energy services of benefit to the community at large.

The ERC seeks to become an outstanding organisation in the area of energy and cross-cutting themes, to be acknowledged for its performance, capacity, and positive contribution to the development of the community and employees.

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Dr. Lucy Baker, a Senior Research Fellow, is a project researcher based at the University of Sussex’s Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU). Research at SPRU addresses pressing global policy agendas, including the future of industrial policy, inclusive economic growth, the politics of scientific expertise, energy policy, security issues, entrepreneurship, and pathways to a more sustainable future.

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Prof. Stefan Bouzarovski and Dr. Saska Petrova were researchers in this project, based at the School of Environment, Education and Development at Manchester University. Active across all project stages, their contributions centred on conceptual frameworks around energy poverty and precarity.

Dr. Stephen Essex, Associate Professor in Geography at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth, is involved in all stages of the project. He has co-written (with Jiska de Groot) one of the project’s published outputs, on infrastructure and the ‘energy underclass’, which was published in 2019 in the key journal Energy Policy.

Kings College London
King’s College London was involved in the project until 2017, when Dr. Deborah Potts retired.